Happy New Years!


Okay I’m gonna be honest. Since the day after Christmas I have lived in pants that had elastic bands, fuzzy socks and baggy shirts. There have been naps. I’m as close as I can get to hibernating.

It’s been Ah-Mazing.

Yet….I always make it a goal to start the New Year with New Year Cookies. I couldn’t make one set this year so I made 3. One as a gift, one to sale, and one batch of singles to give out as well. So much for taking it easy.

Glitzy Art Deco Cookies

I am trying to record more, especially if I think it could be helpful to anyone starting out. Tips and tricks to make things easier. I hope you enjoy this short video. Please feel free to leave comments, questions or even pictures of your cookies below.

Have a safe and happy New Year. Thank you for being here.

Stencil Genie, Genie Scraper, Mat and Turntable : Creative Cookier

New Years Stencil: Buttercup Love Designs

Roxy & Rich Glitter Pump: GSA

Anything can be a cookie cutter if you’re brave enough.

If you made the Gingerbread dough from my previous post you are ready to roll, bake and decorate. I made this video with killer allergies so please forgive the sniffling. I also made them with the viewer in mind that has no cookie cutters and wants to feel a little festive.

Well put on your Christmas music, it’s time to get Jolly.

The first segment is rolling out the cookies. I use a DoughEZ mat and a Joseph Joseph rolling pin (not needed with the mat, I just like mine). You can use a regular rolling pin and plastic wrap on top and bottom. It keeps things cleans and keeps you from over working your dough.

What? My dough can be overworked?

Sure can. Especially if you keep dusting your surface with flour, you’re gonna end up with dry hard cookies. It’s a sad thing. 😢

Roll it. Cut it with whatever you got. You have no cutters? Use a glass, mason jar, lid, knife absolutely whatever. Have FUN!

After baking, let them cool 2 hours. Figure out what kind of icing you want to use and go for it.

Things that will make decorating fun for beginners :

  • Sprinkles
  • Toothpicks (for moving your icing around)
  • Alcohol (for drinking)

Video Here

Don’t forget to show me your cookies!

Merry Everything and Happy Always 🤗

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